It was a simpler time.
It was a simpler time.

Solid Snake had an ipod in MGS4.

That was a weird enough idea.

The really innovative thing about that iPod, though? It came loaded with an exclusive in-game podcast called the “Metal Gear Solid 4: Integral Podcast”.


This was sort of like a developer commentary. Snake could equip his iPod as an item during a mission, put on the podcast, and listen to members of Kojima Productions talk about the company, give tips for fighting bosses, and reveal hidden secrets - all while breaking the fourth wall.

Snake’s “stress” gauge would go down by listening to the podcast, too. It was fully integrated into the game.


That’s all gone now, though.

This is a taste of the “MGS4: Integral Podcast” experience.

In 2019, upon booting up the game, you’ll have the first episode of the podcast available in your iPod. All other episodes are available to download in the game’s DLC menu, which is offline.


The only record I could find of anyone noticing this disappearance dates back to a reddit post made in 2015. The PS3 became last-gen hardware, MGS5 saw a multi-platform release, and the world moved on.

Either way, it was a bold idea that hasn’t seen much use since. Developer commentary can be a common feature in some games, but the idea of integrating that concept with in-game items that effect the player character’s statistics? Pretty wild stuff.


If you’re keen to try it out for yourself, you can listen to Youtube uploads of the episodes while playing the game.

It’s just not quite the same, though.

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